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Classic Star Group was founded by three brothers, Andrew, Mike, and Ali, who came together after divergent professional careers in 1999 and acquired a small fuel distributorship in Arlington, Texas. With high hopes and ambitions, the brothers relentlessly focused on growth and developing a strong customer-base. With the trio’s dynamic operating and management structure, attention to detail, and uncompromising customer service, they capitalized on each other’s strengths to drive the company’s growth.

Utilizing their skill sets, values, and prior experience owning and operating c-stores, Classic Star was able to distinguish itself as a professionally-managed distributor that understands their customers’ needs, challenges, and service levels to appropriately. This strategy enabled the Company to exponentially grow their customer base and the brothers to develop strong relationships and business partners.

Shift from Oil & Gas to Real Estate

In October 2021, Classic Star Group sold its Oil & Gas assets and shifted its focus on developing its real estate portfolio and evaluating new growth opportunities. The brothers remain focused on growing their real estate portfolio and opportunistically investing in new areas of tangential businesses. 

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